• Freeze Dried Watermelon
  • Freeze Dried Watermelon

Freeze Dried Watermelon

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Unlock a new level of snacking with 1UP Candy's Freeze Dried Watermelon Gummies, now available in Department 82 at Walmart. These candies are a playful twist on classic watermelon gummies, transformed into crispy, airy bites that burst with sweetness. Each crunchy piece delivers a refreshing taste adventure, perfect for energizing your day or boosting your break time.

Perfect for sharing during movie nights, adding a pop of flavor to your parties, or enjoying on your own when you need a sweet escape. Make your way to Department 82 at your local Walmart and experience the burst of juicy watermelon in a whole new form. With 1UP Candy's Freeze Dried Watermelon Gummies, it’s all about enjoying the moment—one crunchy, flavorful bite at a time!

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Head straight to Department 82 in front of the self checkout for an exciting range of 1UP Candy products! From the explosive crunch of our gummies to the delightful tang of our sour candies, it’s all waiting for you.

Experience a new twist on classic treats with our unique freeze-dried process that amplifies the flavor and introduces an irresistible crunch! It’s not just candy, it’s a snacking revolution.

Currently, our focus for our Freeze Dried Candy is on providing an exclusive in-store experience at Walmart to give you the best in-person selection and satisfaction. Visit Department 82 to get your hands on these delicious treats. The Sour Challenge is still available online.