• Freeze Dried Lemon Tops
  • Freeze Dried Lemon Tops

Freeze Dried Lemon Tops

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Discover the tangy thrill of 1UP Candy's Freeze Dried Lemon Tops, now energizing Department 82 at Walmart. These aren't your ordinary candies; each Lemon Top has undergone a transformation, turning the classic gummy interior and hard candy shell into a light, airy treat with an addictively crunchy texture. The explosion of lemon flavor from the gummy core through the shattered shell creates a taste sensation that's both refreshing and exhilarating.

Perfect for those who love a tangy kick, these Lemon Tops are a citrusy delight, ideal for refreshing your palate or giving your day a zesty twist. Whether you need a quick snack or a burst of flavor, these lemon candies are designed to provide a uniquely satisfying crunch with every bite.

Head over to Department 82 at your local Walmart and grab a pack of 1UP Candy's Freeze Dried Lemon Tops. Ready to give your taste buds a zesty surprise? These candies promise a crunchy, flavorful experience that's bursting with lemony goodness!

The crunch everybody is talking about!