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Sour Challenge

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Dare to Take the Sour Challenge?

Missed out on the original frenzy? 1UP Candy's Sour Challenge is back, giving you a chance to test your limits with the ultimate sour experience. This isn't just candy—it's a challenge that has left even the bravest taste testers in awe. Each pack comes with ultra-sour gummy candies that promise to push your flavor boundaries to the extreme.

Perfect for thrill-seekers or anyone looking to spice up their candy routine, the Sour Challenge is your opportunity to join the ranks of those who've faced and conquered the tartness. Whether you're filming a reaction video, daring your friends, or just curious to see if you can handle the intensity, these gummies provide the perfect mix of fun and fierceness.

What’s included:
  • 6 INSANELY sour gummies.... Good Luck
  • 2 Neutralizer drink powder mix packs... For Instant Relief

Each order contains TWO Sour Gummy Challenge attempts.  So, try, fail and try again, or face off with a friend.

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Head straight to Department 82 in front of the self checkout for an exciting range of 1UP Candy products! From the explosive crunch of our gummies to the delightful tang of our sour candies, it’s all waiting for you.

Experience a new twist on classic treats with our unique freeze-dried process that amplifies the flavor and introduces an irresistible crunch! It’s not just candy, it’s a snacking revolution.

Currently, our focus for our Freeze Dried Candy is on providing an exclusive in-store experience at Walmart to give you the best in-person selection and satisfaction. Visit Department 82 to get your hands on these delicious treats. The Sour Challenge is still available online.